Saturday, April 07, 2012

Class Project

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

My oldest grandson and I talk by phone once a week to catch up. I do not get to see my grandchildren as often as I would like so I like that I am able to have good phone conversations with them. My grandson just got a new cell phone and both of us have what is called Face Time on ours. This is pretty cool because we can chat and see one another while having our conversation. Yesterday we were talking and he told me that he has a report to prepare for school and the topic he was given wasHome Security Systems. After talking with his parents about theirs, he wanted to know about mine, when I began using mine and why. I explained that mine was for peace of mind. As a single parent, I felt safer being able to engage the alarm while we slept as well as when we were away from the home. My grandson interviewed parents, grandparents, single females, single college guys, and talked with his classmates about their homes as well. I think he was a thorough investigator and feel he will earn a good grade for his efforts.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Spending spring break working on some window boxes

Guest post written by Susan Martin

It's really too bad that my spring break as a college professor isn't the same as my kids' spring break. It would make things a lot easier on me, but that also means that I get to do things by myself during the day when they're at school during my spring break. I thought that this year I would tackle a little home project while they're at school working on their studies. After a whole lot of research, I decided to go with some DIY window flower boxes.

I've thought for a few year that our house could really use some window boxes, like they're that little something that it's missing. When I was looking through some inspiration photos of window boxes I saw information on Sears replacement windows. After I read through the information I decided that it would be nice for us to have our windows replaced too, so I think I'll have that done when I'm on spring break.

I have all my materials ready to get down and dirty making these window boxes. I can't wait to see how they turn out with flowers blooming in them, which will be a little while. But it will be worth the wait.


So my sister got the diction translator for like $200 on a site that is horrible apparently - they sell translators so you can hear the language but the only language the speak so you can hear the words is english - hello -that is stupid. But they marketed it that you could hear the other language that you are learning...she got scammed!


I nee some markers here - I am doing a project and I just like things to be very neat and also color coded - I was always like that - everything needs to look good and be color coded other whis it just is all out of order and doesn't look nice and pretty and neat.


Why do people feel the need to buy big houses. I mean I know it is just to show off to their friends and neighbors or who ever but I mean you have to clean a house. I would never want a house so big that I couldn't keep up with the cleaning. I would rather have a small hous ethat was very clean rather than a big house that was always dirty because it was too big.